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You knew this was coming...
Let the jokes begin!!!

FB_20140807_09_25_09_Saved_Picture (2)

In keeping with this theme, one of the best jokes so far on the RuNet:

- Мидии есть?

- Есть.

- Господи, но откуда, ох, нигде же нет.

- Белорусские.

- Но в Белорус...


- Понял, 15 белорусских мидий.


Customer: Do you have any mussels?
Clerk: Yes, we do.
Customer: My God, really? Where are they from, usually there's none available.
Clerk: They are Belarusian mussels.
Customer: But, in Belarus??? (keeping in mind Belarus is a landlocked country with no sea access)
Clerk: They are BELARUSIAN (wink).
Customer. Ahh, gotcha. 15 Belarusian mussels, please

More to come, I am sure....