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Paris, the aftermath. Enough is enough.

Paris, a Friday night. The Avenue des Champs-Élysées throbs with excitement and color, a microcosm of multiculturalism and the global community, in the heart of one of the cradles of Western civilization. People young and old, out for a night on the town in the City of Light, a place like no other in the world. A world unto itself, really. One strolls from the Arc de Triomphe in the 8th arrondisement towards the pathways along the Seine, making one's way to the 10th arrondisement, the district in Paris where Friday night never seems to end. One cannot help but to marvel at all the sights, color, and the people that represent how far we've come as a global community.....

....and then this vision of what we've become dies, instantly, in a fusillade of bullets and the detonation of belts loaded with Semtex or C4. The pain, the shock, the horror; trying to understand what kind of subhuman beasts would resort to such inhumane savagery in the name of a cause...none of this can be understood in the immediate aftermath. It is simply beyond logical comprehension. But as the dust settles, and the world mourns with Paris, it is time to come to the realization that religious fundamentalism and extremism is a virus, a pandemic that will destroy Western civilization if left unchecked. Extraordinary measures are required; it is finally time for a brass knuckles approach to eradicate the world of these so called fundamentalists, whose message resonates right out of the 14th century.

Having just been to Paris recently at the end of August, which included a wonderful Friday evening in the 10th arrondissement, I am so enraged about last night's attacks by these cowardly "fundamentalist" savages I can barely see straight. Paris on a Friday evening is a vibrant, magical world unto itself, like no other place in the world. To see the City of Light despoiled by the act of a few deranged, misguided SOB's in the name of a religion whose very precepts they have long ago abandoned - this makes my heart bleed as my blood boils over. No mercy for these inhuman beasts. Messrs. Hollande, Obama, Cameron, Putin and Ms. Merkel: time to take the gloves off. Time for the rest of the civilized world to unite to eradicate the worldwide epidemic of fundamentalist extremism and terrorism.

I hate to use the term "Islamic extremism," because it is such an oxymoron. These fundamentalists and extremists, there's no association with their ilk and the Islamic faith in any kind of meaningful way. Like the Bible and the Talmud, the Koran preaches tolerance, acceptance, gender equality, and multiculturalism. The Koran does not in any way endorse the methodology of these misguided and deranged individuals that propagated their message of hate upon the innocent population of Paris Friday night. Yet, I feel the term is somewhat unavoidable, due to their self-association with Islam. True believers and adherents of the Islamic faith probably are as outraged this morning, if not more so, than the rest of the Western world.

Out of every critical moment in the history of humanity, usually their is a moment of universal awareness that unites the civilized world against a fundamental evil. The US/UK/French/USSR coalition against Nazi Germany and fascism only came about after Hitler finally proved to just about everyone in the world that he could not be bargained with diplomatically, and was only too happy to completely disregard all semblance of humanity in order to achieve his opiate fueled goals of racial "purity" (whatever that actually meant) and his delusions of himself as a modern version of Frederick the Great. The cream of the Nazi military juggernaut was finally brought to its knees and bled out on the steppes of Russia and Ukraine, at the cost of 21 million Soviet casualties. A high cost, but in the end that's what it took to rid the world of a scourge which would have set back civilization hundreds of years.

Perhaps, as tragic and heart-rending as the events surrounding the Paris attacks are, this will provide the impetus, a moment of clarity, for all of Europe and the Americas to unite and make the tough decisions needed to eradicate this form of evil and inhumanity from our world. Extremists and fundamentalists value life so little, so willing to shed blood and take lives - this is a different type of evil, even more dangerous than Nazism, as it cannot be localized to one or multiple state actors. It is important to realize that this is a different kind of enemy, one willing to use barbaric and inhumane methods of advancing their misguided agenda, an enemy whose entire purpose is to eradicate all semblances of Western civilization and direct the world right back into the Dark Ages. It is time to ask the question: are we willing to do what is necessary to prevent this from happening?

Perhaps this is the moment of clarity needed for both US and Russian politicians to end the current trend of creeping back to the era of the Cold War. Perhaps this is the moment of clarity needed to end 20 years of misguided and foolish US foreign policy with regards to Russia, attempting to isolate rather than engage. Perhaps this is the moment of clarity needed to point out to the leadership of the Russian Federation who exactly is the main enemy, and that any threat to Russia as an important component of the global community and economy is a threat to all of Europe and the USA, as well.

Perhaps this is the moment of clarity needed for all of us to get on the same page, permanently toss off the last vestiges of the Cold War, and present a united front against the real enemy of all of civilized humanity.

One can only hope.

Paris, my heart bleeds for you today.